Contrast Effect.

…201x, day 15.

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I started. I’m not sure what to do next. The three types of design that Jed mentioned were good, I look forward to working with the template method. It reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons.

I can’t get what Todd told me off of my mind. It’s not like I knew him before I started going to college. This is what my dream building exercise led me to, though. Design uses the mind and doesn’t keep me down in any one industry. I’m glad I learned from what Tai suggested – the raw data of industries can be used like a catalog. It’s my backup plan if this fails. I don’t think it will since I’m able to continue with the template method.

– Jim Storhorn

Jim stops writing to his diary and picks up the phone to call Jed.

“Hi Jed, it’s Jim. How are you? Do you remember our conversation earlier about the three types of design?”

“Yeah, I’m glad someone finally took it seriously! What’s up?”

“Where would you go to find more info on the template method?”

“I’m surprised you were drawn to that one, I was drawn to the creational patterns first. Which coding language are you learning?”

“Coding? What’s that? I know some Scandinavian if it helps!”

“Uh Jim, I think it’s best if we met in person. This is gonna take more than a couple of minutes to answer.”


Potential Avenues

According to the RationalWiki, the contrast effect enhances or diminishes measurements when more information is given.

Can you pick up on the contrast effect in word choice? Wouldn’t it be important for aspiring voice actors to be aware of things like this?

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