Ad Fidentia.

Todd asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up, Jimmy?”

“I want to be a designer.”

Jimmy had been going to school for a few years. He’d decided this before he started going to college.

“You should do something more realistic like plumbing,” said Todd. “Every time we go to the gym you unclog the toilet before changing. You don’t even work there, you might as well get paid for it!”

Later on in the courtyard of a coffee shop.

“I don’t get that guy Serena,” Todd said. “He always talks about being a designer but he’s never made anything before. I think he needs an intervention.”

“Todd, he’s old enough to do what he wants. Let it be.” “I still think someone should go talk to him. It’s not like he’s going anywhere with his life, he’s just on the paper route.”

Potential Avenues

Ad Fidentia: Against self-confidence. Jimmy seems unsure of himself to Todd due to a lack of evidence of his ambition being true.

The aforementioned source suggests that we ought to avoid dogmatic certainty in areas when all certainty is unknowable. Since no one knows 100% of another’s life, that includes others’ lives and their personal direction.

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Can you see any other forms of logical fallacies in this?


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