Parting the Waters.

In 1890, William James coined a term called the Stream of consciousness in an attempt to “to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind of a narrator.” He did this in his book, the Principles of Psychology.

In the Christian bible, there’s a part in the story of Exodus where Moses crosses the red seas. The Lord drives the sea back with an eastern wind.

In the narrative of individuals there comes a choice in whether or not we continue following the same path. Unless you’ve gone your entire life complying with every single order that’s ever been given to you, and you will never cease to do so, this includes you. In cutting away from another at any point in choice, you’ve made a decision. In honoring that decision, figuratively, you part the stream of consciousness. Those on either side of your decision hold one perspective or another. Even before you made your choice, others’ opinions may have already differed.

The same way that we can only go so far when we have one foot on the dock and one foot in the ship, anyone on the same ship is spending their time waiting for you to place both feet in your vehicle. Anyone on a different boat has, potentially, miles on you – no matter how fast your boat is and no matter how perfect the conditions are after they’ve left.

I’ve managed to part the stream by standing the gap against identity fallacy with this blog and other endeavors. Incidentally there will always be people that disagree no matter how well you sell yourself. That can be likened to the parting of the waters in the stream of consciousness as well as your own decisions.

Potential avenues

The stream of consciousness could be seen as a tool. What diverged to make your narrative stream a force of nature? On the other hand, possibly, what diverged to make your stream a trickle – a single dew drop on a tree?

Unlike the trades, whose wisdom evades even some who stand at their gates, anyone can create a story and develop it into a world – even if it begins from a single thought. Who’s to say whether or not that dew drop previously mentioned isn’t one of Prince Rupert’s drops, hung as an ornament? Here’s a demonstration.

Have you diverged from the paths in your story that no longer serve you? They might be headed for a cliff, nuclear radiation or an oil pool.

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