Non-fiction fiction.

Non-fiction provides a non-fictitious basis for the story. Fiction provides a fictitious basis for the story. Non-fiction fiction provides fiction within the non-fiction basis for a story. The fictional narrative that a character creates for themselves within the lens of non-fiction. The events themselves are real but their perception of them are based on the lies that this character tells themselves. Perhaps they choose to believe a past that no longer exists. Perhaps they seduce themselves with a personal narrative that they’d like to see perpetuated in others. Perhaps it’s a reflection of their own projections.

This character, in theory, holds themselves through self delusion. This delusion makes the non-fiction a fiction, through their lens of perception. Is it any less part of reality if it’s a true story that a character deludes themselves? Is this circumstance not akin to the struggle that many face in the wake of self actualization?

Potential Avenues

The hero’s journey isn’t the only thing that can be changed in the storytelling realm. What happens when a creator violates the principles of storytelling in a cohesive manner?


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