There are more finish lines in the minds of men and women than have ever been crossed in a race. It’s so easy to start that more starting lines are created than finish lines to begin with. For an example, how does it feel to run endlessly on a treadmill with no finish line designated? It seems like a great practice to train yourself to keep going, however its’ reflection of the treadmill lifestyle is staggering. To keep going and hope nothing goes wrong  because stopping could cause catastrophic failure.

The decision to cut off from any more effort in one direction is a finish line. If you put your sole effort into one area, it ought to finish to free up your energy to act on other endeavors. Considering the reality that we can choose to replace an income for instance without leaving the first income it’s no wonder that things such as secret endings exist in entertainment today.

Perhaps the finishing of one marketing campaign gives you the opportunity to ship the same one, on command, on your time. Darren Hardy is currently doing so for some of the best advice I’ve ever received. Honoring those principles, like the ones Ray Dalio is kind enough to share for free, might naturally finish the experiences that are fostered in the absence of the essence that their principles capture.

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