There’s a saying that ‘we don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.’ There’s also a saying suggesting that ‘slow is fast, and fast is slow.’ Demonstrating them reveals more, faster, than all the explanations in the world. If you ask three trainers of different disciplines about these phrases you’ll likely get different yet similar answers.

Doing what you committed to doing long after the mood you set it in leaves, according to Darren Hardy, is the meaning of discipline. Doing this when your body is telling you to do something else, therefore, is a demonstration of mental discipline; mental rigor, mental fortitude, mental moxy.

Following and Fostering

It’d be a pity to remain in the backseat of great information as it’s received and acted upon. That being said, I suggest making information your own by integrating it into your style. It would indeed be a loss if developing the habits, skills and mindset of any vocation remained as the phrase, “habits, skills and mindset” and not the actual habits, skills and mindset that they’re relevant to.

The impact any other person, and their works, don’t have to remain as they are when they’re impressed upon you. A laptop can be more than just a machine someone else invented for you to consume content and work from – maybe you’ll learn how to repair it or optimize it. How to dual boot on a laptop. How to unlock the human pandora’s box on devices, since it’s more legal now.

The thing that’s impressed upon you doesn’t have to remain as it is. The dictionary definition might be demonstrated in a creative form by you, yourself. It’s so powerful that you must recognize it yourself or you might miss it. Like blinking during a million dollar opportunity; whether it’s a two minute trade or a year, gone on autopilot – in the blink of an eye.

A self directed education is a great way to foster the thing you want in yourself out of the experiences you have. According to Chris Brady it’s a hallmark of greatness. How many people do you observe around you have the courage to embark in their own direction amidst the chaos and order that we’re engaging in today’s world? They require a self-directed education whether they intend to create one or not. Does that include you?

The Aspirant’s Thinking

As an aspirant, your attention ergo thoughts are likely directed somewhere other than the way the masses are looking. Like this blog and most if not all of the people mentioned on it, you have a direction you can take. I implore you to take the training from your experiences so far and double down on yourself.

What you can do.

Ask five random people if they can go twenty minutes without looking at a smartphone or digital device and they will likely say yes. Ask five people to commit to it and they might say yes. It’s easy to admit that you can do it, so I challenge you to take a five to twenty minute screen time break. you’ll likely see yourself in the absence of what technology provides for you. It might take from you time to do the things you consider in your time away. As an example, here’s what I considered during my last screen time break of twenty minutes.

  • I’d bring my bass guitar with me if I was on an island with no technology. A bass guitar, paper and a writing utensil.
  • I perfected the bed I made – a practice of easy and necessary wins.
  • I grabbed something to eat.
  • I sat in silence for a few minutes.
  • I decided to write about training, and wrote down some things I shared in this blog post.
  • I realized I had no way to see the time other than my timer ending to signal the end of my break.

I suggest taking a break to see where your mind and habits attempt to take you.


Potential Avenues

Demonstrate steps towards your affirmations to train yourself for the attainment of your aspirations.

Unlearning: replacing what’s learned with more accurate and effective information or means. It requires training and overcoming resistance. Make the process easier – develop discipline and honor it.

See your ambitions through for a crash course in what they require. If they’re open-ended like this website was when I created it, you can always choose to develop it until you’re proud of it.

Take a screen time break by setting a timer on your phone and not opening it until the timer’s done.

Take a radio break by leaving all technology behind and go far enough away from roads and antennas that you can hear the silence beyond radio frequencies.

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