Everyone has a capacity to observe their own thoughts, so what do you do once you recognize the impulse for what it is – an impulse? I suggest that these impulses are precursors to the things that you are capable of doing. For every person that makes you angry, you receive an opportunity to express your anger – or transform it into something else entirely by re-framing.

By allowing yourself to be inundated from your personal efforts by social contagion, you receive the opportunity to learn whatever meaning you create out of that situation! According to Jung, you’ll always be transformed along with the other person – unless it’s a book you’re reading. Either way, would you rather be transformed by your own volition – or the one impressed upon you by others?

Learning and responding to these precursors – or not – instead of drowning in them, is a sustainable practice in keeping the mind clear. It certainly serves the self better than overwhelm and self-destruction.

Intellectual Indolence

Indolence of the mind is one of the potential pitfalls stemming from this. While it’s up to every individual what’s best for them, not taking care of the mind can result in losing whatever it is that we do consider good for ourselves. On the subject of mental rigor are tried and proven principles by people who champion methods in books such as How to win friends and influence people, Think and Grow Rich, the Science of Getting Rich and The Magic of Thinking BIG.

As noted in the first sentence of Think and Grow Rich, persistence – or action – is necessary in achieving intellectual rigor. You wouldn’t set out to achieve a goal without making a map for yourself, so it would make sense that action is effective in training your mind, yes?

Potential Avenues

If you’re looking to demonstrate courage, an easy victory anyone can demonstrate for themselves is to face a precursor. Acknowledging it assists you in separating fact from fiction and permits you to make an objective decision.

Looping self-initiated habits towards your dreams is something many have done and precursors are a step in the process. If your precursors are internal and based on your inspiration, you’ll have a much easier time when you’re ready to think truth regardless of external circumstance. Who knows, maybe everyone will believe that the world is coming to an end like behavior demonstrated in late 2012 and in areas during crises. Would you take the experience and permit it to destroy you, or strengthen you since you’re alive and capable of thinking?

Ultimately, others’ impressions are precursors to your capacity to produce a result that others foster in you. If you’re capable of understanding that, you’re capable of acting on it. If someone inspires you to do something, maybe you’ll anchor in your inspiration like I did with the inception of this website. In my experience, despite all naysayers, it beats staying as the person the naysayers remember me as through a lack of action conducive with their beliefs instead of my own.

The genuine acknowledgement of a precursor gives you the opportunity to affirm whatever you want on its’ first impression on your mind. Choose wisely. For instance, in reflection of my day so far, I’m grateful that I created a second chance for myself to meet another person I’d like to model the woman I seek to attract into my life after.

Since memories are impressions on your mind every single memory could be considered a precursor to your emotions in this context. Memory of future events that you’ve envisioned for yourself are included in that. Would you like to envision your future to be and stay inspired?

Beware self deception. Lying to yourself about what a precursor means to you creates an erroneous map of the right territory. It’s how situations like closed roads become the only route available…Until the map, the meaning you give the precursor, is fixed.

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