In the mind of almost everyone with access to technology is an impression on the mind from the field we call marketing. Every year, millions if not billions are spent annually, collectively to give people reminders of the things that others want you to buy.

In the mind of an experienced aspirant is a reminder that we create for ourselves, for free, or with others. These reminders serve to help us create the things that we want to. It’s especially useful when succeeding the status quo. Without reminders in place, many an aspirant would risk falling for the subliminal nature that reminders can take.

Instead, however, why not try to learn from the nature of these things? It would beg us to learn about marketing, psychology, technology and mindset. In the mix are topics that aren’t categorized by industry, such as thought – within the new thought movement – within the personal development category.

If you want to look for a contrast in the means that reminders can take, look no further than Manufactured Consent (video) (summary) and Think and Grow Rich. The former suggest the use that it has in manipulating choice to conform a group while the latter empowers you to use the same faculties on an individual and group basis. Among them is a key distinction in the words ‘indoctrination’ and ‘autosuggestion’.

Would you like to leave such an important element, attention and focus, to chance? The default choice in this case leads you to whichever direction your conditioning would pull you. A sobering reminder indeed is the pull that your habits will lead us over time. Would you like a stark reminder, a reward and monument to all of your sins or your blessings?

Potential Avenues

Reminders are a means of creating change from within. It’s in the toolbox of everyone who reviews their long term and short term goals on a daily basis when they get up in the morning. Is it worthy of your time, dear reader?

The politic economy that Noam Chomsky gets into indeed may be likened to the work, Economics in One Lesson, as an economy indeed. In such a case, how would Henry Hazlitt and Manufactured Consent parallel in the telling nature of our history as the human race?

If you’re into narrative, perhaps you’ll appreciate the fictional role of the phrase ‘a monument to all of your sins’ and the role it plays in its’ respective plot. Do not discount the role of fiction, Einstein knew that it was a contributor to genius before video games were ever invented.

This topic inadvertently hits on reasons why media leadership is absolutely necessary. It stretches far past writing and potentially into any medium of expression. I wrote about it here. Does this resonate with you?”If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” ― Albert Einstein

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