Proving Grounds.

What set of actions receive the opportunity to attend your life over the course of the next year? How often is it demonstrated over the course of a twenty four hours, or one hundred sixty-eight hours? Which emotional state would you like to affirm today? Would you like to demonstrate more of your potential, or perhaps the same thing as last year?

At this point in time have you honored what you set out to do at the star.t of the year? Perhaps you’ve succeeded what you set out to do. Perhaps you’ve forgotten what you intended. Maybe you’re planning for the next year while you have a stretch goal set for yourself. Whatever the result was of your choice, including no choice at all, it’s feedback. This feedback lets you know whether or not the proving grounds you created by setting an intention yielded your desired result or not.

In an interview with Jeffery Combs, Susan Sly has shared publicly that she begins planning her new year months in advance. She’s one of many who have chosen to be and stay a millionaire. The proving grounds for this, like other vocations according to Jeffery Combs, can be seen in the habits, skills and mindset. When you decide what you want to accomplish in a year, you can break it down into the habits, skills and mindset that you must develop to get there. If you’re looking to build wealth, this is useful for you.

Are the proving grounds a wake up call for you, or an affirmation of the work you’ve put in so far?

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