There’s this wonderful concept called diversification that allows you to act if one channel goes down. It’s one of the strategies that allows anyone to apply the wisdom that ‘one is none, and two is one.’With this, the current problems surrounding facebook won’t prevent you from doing what’s required. It’s also the reason why you might want to host your own content, in case every single one of the hubs of attention, yours and others, goes down. It’s the reason it’s a good idea to learn the skills you employ others for, even at a basic level. That includes free services like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and any other service you may or may not use. Like this post, anyone can use a current event like Facebook going down for a few minutes to demonstrate a point.

During my last attendance at one of Jeffery Combs’ events I learned that becoming an independent contractor is a great way to get started in business today. Like the wisdom that one is none and two is one, you may learn any set of skills by going in a place you become qualified to serve in. In direct selling, there’s the entire sales process,  relationship building and leadership. In ride sharing there’s attentiveness, one on one and small group conversation – you can avoid money rejections, the sales process and marketing altogether. In affiliate marketing, you avoid sales and serving people one on one if you want to. You can focus primarily on marketing and make a living. If you wanted to diversify your skills it’s a great way to learn as you earn.

An analysis of the skills required is all it takes to identify which ones you must develop. Jumping in and figuring it out as you go is something Tom Bilyeu’s done and he gladly shares that with you. Are you going to defy analysis paralysis and become an executor? Are you willing to diversify thinking, learning and insight by acting and improving upon it?

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