Is a perfect example one that suits the definition you’re looking to reinforce? Is that the same one that empowers you? Perfect, like poverty, can only exist in limitation. Unlike poverty, perfection and discipline are both focuses that can empower anyone to do what they set out to do. Perfection, in this context, could be considered a carrot that always gets put further and further in front of you – a relative limit. Discipline could be considered the thing you repeatedly do that does – or does not – move you towards your idea of perfection.

Is now the perfect time to act on your ambitions? According to David Meltzer, you’ll save half the time if you can do it now. Here’s a way to get started (8 minutes). Remember – endeavors of money can be related to the things we use money for – everything else. Is it perfect to you to live in honesty and affluence? Check him out.

It’s okay to be imperfect. You can be pristine and imperfect, and even better than perfect in relative perception. And if this blog is your anchor, are you willing to do what you set out to do without an anchor?

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