Energy as it stands on its’ own can reveal any manner of its’ own forms. It’s often imitated but never duplicated by its’ offspring – those that are created out of it. In this crux, center is a serious consideration that we may or may not be able to act without energy as we are. In the same crux is this consideration of influence.

How you do anything…

Class. According to Jeffery Combs, a mindset coach and addiction specialist with over 50,000 hours of one-on one coaching experience, class is the following. “Class is an energy that is transmuted to others and yourself in the way you treat people and yourself with respect, appreciation, understanding and awareness.” In your conduct do you have class? Do you seek the class in others – reverberating it in yourself, or do you seek the flaws instead? Do you use your worry as an opportunity to attempt to control other people?

Would you rather put the loudspeaker on the things that empower you or the things that disempower you? Demonstrations, projections, smoke and mirrors all do it for us. If it’s done to us instead, it’s a world away – but who would want to move to the victim mentality? We’re usually led there, one compromise at a time. Until something anyone can do becomes at risk of being a foreign possibility.

How you do anything is how you do everything. According to Einstein, your thoughts will shape you. Choose wisely.

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