Meta Bullshit.

Beyond the wonderful land of bullshit in a sea far, far away is a place where informed people make informed decisions. Indeed these people are on an island if they’re surrounded by sea, even if no one calls it an island any more.

A great directive that anyone can start with is something that Tom Bilyeu has sincerely tried to give to others. The idea in the phrase, ‘No bullshit, what would it take?’ Another way of using it in an individual setting instead is asking yourself this simple question: ‘How serious am I about achieving my objective?’

This is part four of Meta, start here.

Take the opportunity to go beyond the bullshit impressions of destructive skeptics and critics. You might just find yourself empowered to do exactly what you wish you could be doing. You might find yourself in another reality. And when you find yourself in another reality, when you’ve changed, I suggest that you express gratitude at the turn of the wheel and improve upon the circumstance that you just created for yourself.

Have you ever seen something that someone could use so badly but they don’t seem to take it when it’s offered to them? If they’re one of your friends, good for you – you can indirectly help them by demonstrating that thing yourself.

Like most projections, a constructive move forward begins to usher you towards your own goals and less towards the circle that bullshit tends to loop people into. I suggest being constructive instead of bullshitting.

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