Exploring Concepts

Imagine that every abstract concept had real estate in the form of a cave. Unlike a regular cave, these abstract caves may grow in size and to the point that one chooses to expand upon it. The more you learn about a cave, the more it’s mapped out in your mind. The more you enter the cave, the more the cave enters you.

With the creation of a complex of caves, maybe one concept you find in a cave doesn’t serve you. Other concepts may appear in any which way while vising another cave, in the way that association works. Let’s say that you recall a concept or an experience when an something reminds you of it – maybe a smell, a taste or a situation. In exploring one cave, even though you went into it from another, different cave, if the connection no longer exists, it’s as if the pathway to and from is caved in. In free thought you can enter back and literally remember it, but the connection that linked the two caverns wouldn’t be the same.

An abstraction of this means of exploring concepts can reveal the basis of this post: physical setting and demonstration can make sense out of abstract concepts – abstractions.

Consider the following insights:

  • Neurons that fire together wire together.
  • Neurons that no longer fire together are no longer wired together.
  • Where attention, goes energy flows.
  • When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.

They’re all present in the above text. Technically, so are all concepts. The structured thinking, which that’s a rough example of, can still be a potential limitation when there’s no willingness to grow in the structure and process of thinking. A point that can be made about it in this recreational example is the willingness to explore further darkness of a cave at any point in time.

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