The activity of producing an outcome. In activity it might be linked to action since all three suggest the same thing. Conventional productivity might look like its’ definition. Unconventional productivity might look like the methods Brendon Burchard discovered in his research involving the topic. Action, as an example, will always produce a result. Even in its’ absence a result is created.

Unconventional Productivity

Since you’re a producer, what habits are currently serving you to create what you set out to do? Did you set out to integrate what Brendon Burchard is generous enough to share with the world? Did you choose to tell the truth, and attract other producers who embody their truth rather than their lies? Did you employ the daily discipline of producing one day at a time to produce your desired results? Do you apply some wisdom from Jeffery Combs? How about insight from your mentor or coach, if you employ one?

Conventional productivity sullies itself under the weight of its’ own unsupported ambitions in the current state of affairs in efficacy. Succeed the common standard of productivity for a reasonable effort in the long run.

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