How to Use this Blog

How would you like to use this blog? If the answer is ethical and legal, you have no problems. If you’re worried about using ideas, check this out. Here’s another source. If you’d like to check information on any of the subjects, consider the following:

  1. Those who have the proper credentials, if there are any (doctors, degrees, certifications)
  2. Those who fully understand and apply the material (field experts, humble producers)
  3. Those who serve with the material (business owners and producers who thrive and apply the material)
  4. Your own experience or experiments with the material (your life experience and judgement on the information)
  5. The feedback of your mentor(s) or coach(es) if any are in service of you.

The fourth is the most important of those four suggestions.


In any use value or utility that you find, no one owns your capacity to apply it. I make a conscious effort to ensure that methods suggested have the backing of someone who applies them and generates results with them. Use at your own risk – for better or worse. The only notion dangerous on this blog (to my knowledge) without your intervention as a reader and producer is the notion of thinking without a purpose. See the book As a Man Thinketh for the reason why.

A clear set of instructions

  1. Take everything on this blog as suggestion.
  2. Decide for yourself whether the information is true, good or useful. Apply it accordingly.


If you’re on the hunt for useful information, start with the Value category or the Going to Town category. My personal favorite among the latter is An Aspirant’s Toolbox.

This is definitely for the growing gap between thoughtful action and mindless action. If you’d like to determine your own results, this is for you. Respect those that choose differently than thoughtful action if that is your choice.

Thoasp: Thoughts of an Aspirationist

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