Lip Service.

It’s unavoidable for those in pursuit of an aspiration to have their supporters and those who are unsupportive of them. There are some who have their foot on the dock of faith with their other foot on a boat of doubt.

Lip service is the fate of words when our word is not our law. The hollow commitments that’re likely an effect of the efficacy that we have at our disposal today. Instant gratification, an idea that can be extrapolated from lip service, can be seen in so many ways. Upon those ways is its’ absence upon filling the void that creates it.

The easy way

Following directions is sometimes noted as the easy way, where the hard way is when you don’t follow directions. The hard way gives you the opportunity to figure it out yourself and create a victory all your own. You could also buy a resource – the easy path – or build your own and pay with time and energy instead of money. Whichever is easier.

The path of least resistance

The path of least resistance could also be considered the easy way. The path of most resistance is valued by some, yet it’s looked down on by some who don’t embrace this very real fact: through the path of most resistance there are few barriers to entry. Tony Robbins took it – to my understanding, he sucked at what he does when he started. As he developed himself into the person his goals required that changed. It’s embedded in his story. True to his experience, David Goggins shared it bluntly in his interview on Impact Theory as well.

Like other limited and destructive views and states, lip service is best observed by pursuing what it’s not. Honorable, of integrity, functional, holistic. For exercise, check out Webster’s examples from around the web and consider its’ opposite in practice.

In duplicity, lip service can claw its’ way into actions like avoiding responsibility. With Goggins as the demonstrator, know that self talk and visualization are examples of neither.

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