A Simple Discipline

One day at a time: a daily discipline of whatever you want it to be. Starting strong: giving it your all when you start something new. Servant leadership: Find others, Find out what you can do to help them, do so without asking for anything in return. Focus: Giving yourself a full dedication to the circumstance you’re presently experiencing. Personal Responsibility: Practice this by holding yourself 100% accountable for your thoughts and actions. Bonus points if you consider the repercussions of your actions before you take them. Continuous learning: Set a bar for your self-directed education, and perhaps find a means to serve with it to solidify what you’ve learned.

There are plenty of examples of what a simple discipline can represent. Here’s another one. Projection: Acknowledge your own thinking habits by separating fact from fiction about the way you paint an event, within five minutes of experiencing it.

Keeping Simple Disciplines Simple

Susan Sly has this way she calls the five principle. Here’s a rundown from the woman, the wo-myth.

Consider creating a ‘five principle question’ out of your discipline to keep it simple.

Servant leadership: Who are five people I can serve today? Please guide me to five people I can serve today.

Projection: “When I catch my thinking habits five times today, I’ll reward myself with…”

Continuous education: What are five things I want to learn about today? What are five ways I can serve others with what I learned today?

Failure: What are five things I can learn from this experience?

Success: What are five things I can learn from this experience?

Personal practice: What are five ways I can apply what I’m being exposed to?

The five principle

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