Function Mindset.

Function mindset, function matrix. A mindset, a set of the mind, can be a frame of mind that you enter upon accessing a certain sequence of events. A runner would have the discipline necessary to transform their running into any other modalities that include it. Those include anything involving the breathing of cardio, the running itself and even what they think about when they run. Like the runner, if anyone chooses to, we can improve upon the things that we inevitably create a mindset for.

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Among other definitions, mindset can be defined as a mentality, a world view, a philosophy of life, and so on. The most relevant definition for this post is from cognitive psychology: a mindset represents the cognitive processes activated in response to a given task(1). It also applies associative memory in this sense, where neurons that fire together wire together.

You can create a mindset around anything you want! The people that make workspaces that appeal to them? It fosters an environment that suits the demands that they place on themselves. The reason we need cleanly environments? To foster a clear mind for some among us. The mindset can lead us to growth or can lead us to destruction. It’s the difference between a fixed and growth mindset. A solution for this divide can be found in this incredible interview.


A role has its’ own specific functions. A role with functions has a purpose. A role with no function has no purpose. A program’s function can be called to perform a specific set of instructions on command.

Programs, like all computers, emulate nature and humanity in some way. A program’s functions can be found in our capacity to follow directions, create our own set of actions, and create an environment for our own purposes.

Function (mindset)

What arena is your mindset operating in? Are you about to go for a hike? Are you about to spend quality time with family? Are you about to go hunting? Considering the human capacity to be resourceful, wouldn’t the mental preparation be the foundation for any function we aim to pursue? And if we do the work to make our own mindset, we can call on it instead of waiting for a situation to come up.

Function Matrix

Moving beyond the growth and fixed mindsets, there is always a matrix where there is a mindset. It’s necessary to stay rational and sane. Succeeding one means that we create another. Even if we transcend language, we ideally adapt to our circumstances and so we change. Succeeding a matrix might move an individual backwards if it’s done in limitation, but doing so in growth might lead to growing. And in fiction, if a field of conscious is indeed a field, what lies beyond that? Is it possible to fathom since we are of consciousness? Is it possible for a machine to fathom beyond humanity, since it is of humanity?

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(1):Robert P. French II, (2016) “The fuzziness of mindsets: Divergent conceptualizations and characterizations of mindset theory and praxis”, International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Vol. 24 Issue: 4, pp.673-691,

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