…You wake up on a beach, enjoying the time away from the salt lakes of Utah. The pleasantly clear water doesn’t remind you of the last time you visited a major ocean, since it’s a more genuine and less polluted example. Since this place isn’t ravaged, it’s much easier to enjoy your time here. There’s no need to worry about salt intake on your body, either. You enjoy your legendary skill at jet skiing on water, and enjoy the challenge. You even manage to conduct some business – business enriching to your inner soul.

By Rkwitkoski77 [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons 

Your time away from the salt lake city proves to keep you clearwater.

Potential Avenues

Have you considered a means to keep yourself clearwater? Vacations can do this. Alone time can generally do this for introverts, and time around others can generally do this for extroverts.


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