Intelligent Ambition.

Have you seen blind ambition in motion before? How about what happens when a bull is blindfolded, rushing towards its’ target? It’s interesting to consider. Ambition without your own clarity might seem the same way. Driving a fast car with no direction in sight – maybe like a dog chasing cars, maybe like a beautiful butterfly to the human eye.

An upgraded ambition might look like a more acute approach – like a laser fine edge, or a narrowing down of options to pursue a goal. Maybe it’ll look like mercy – an acceptance of the harmony that an ambition can play in the system its’ in – your own, or the ones that you are a part of. harmonic ambition.

A feasible ambition, though steps away from a disempowering notion of limit, may also permit us to work within our means. Even though it’s possible, why stop the vision on where it’s feasible?

Raging ambition. Like other destructive means, anger can be transformed into something constructive for all parties. If you were made aware of disempowering facets of your lifestyle, would you want to change them into something constructive? Destructive ambitions make success an automatic failure in one regards. Put to a large enough scale, everything falls under the weight of a destructive ambition. The same way that a sullied ambition might erode the very ground the ambition’s groundwork is being built upon. Are your ambitions worthy of the care necessary to carry them out? Are they worthy of your intelligence?

Let’s say you’re serious about carrying out your ambition. What do you do, right? Intelligently apply your experience and make it happen!

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