Do you think it’s possible for everyone to be a millionaire? Interesting question, isn’t it? Most might believe that it’s impossible, and by attempting to do it the same way as everyone else might just make it appear to be true.

In some sessions, Bob Proctor has shared on occasion that he would hold up an original copy of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow rich, and ask the audience if there’s anything on the cover. The audience would say yes, and he would say that there’s nothing on the side of the book. After observing the reactions from the audience, he would slowly turn the book around to reveal his side of the book.

To the audience, in that moment, it’s impossible that there’s nothing on the book. This represents a fallacy about what’s true to one person’s experience as opposed to another as well. In the same way that beliefs are formed, it’s easy to question the audience’s perception about what’s true, what’s possible. If you’d like a rooted example, the following phrase might work: pigs can be simulated to grow wings and fly and financial discipline can grow money like a tree grows.

Affirmation: “I now know that I am receiving what is possible.” Now that you know you are receiving what is possible, what will you do with that possibility – your potential?

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