Independent Thinking

Critical thinking and independent thinking are both assets for those that employ them. Unlike employing someone to do your laundry, skillful thinking is something everyone ought to know. If you have no intention of using these skills, take heed because they will be used against you. It might suffice to say the following: think, or be an afterthought.

According to, independent thinking is a skill that companies look for in their prospective employees. It’s an asset to the individual that develops it, and the individuals that do so may decide that they want to own their own business.

According to Oliver Demille, independent thinking is an indispensable asset to those who seek to be part of the influence behind a freedom shift. So is being a thriving business owner at any level, by the way. Here’s more on that thread. If you have the opportunity to visit the historical grounds of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, check out the donators list in the lobby. Those are companies that you may dislike that made a difference on that level from free enterprise.

A Demonstration

Right now, Elon Musk is in the process of making a contribution to the problems with contaminated water in Michigan. Here’s a rundown. What he’s doing is a demonstration of what people can do with their funds if they choose to flourish and not stay small. According to a Bloomberg article on the subject, residents have lost faith in gov’t tests. It’s a place with a known problem that correlates with something Elon’s done in the past. He’s in the process of making an impact with this demonstration.

Have you ever tried helping someone else out to stir your problem solving skills? According to intuition expert Sonia Choquette, all it takes is the intention to help two or more people to get your intuition working in service of your ambitions.

How to Think Independently

Oliver Demille has a reading list that includes this purpose. For context and application of that focus, here’s the whole list.

  • Oliver Demille has a book on it called A Thomas Jefferson Education.
  • Freedom Shift by Oliver Demille. Here’s where we are, here’s what you do, here’s how you do it.
  • A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Demille. How to be a voracious reader and an independent thinker.
  • Launching a Leadership Revolution by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward
  • Rascals by Chris Brady
  • The Federalist Papers. Not just for the United States – according to Oliver, it’s a book of principles.
  • Democracy in America by Tokeville

Maybe you’d like to learn from someone or their demonstration about how to think independently. A high profile example is Elon Musk. Another is a good mindset coach, like Jeffery Combs. Dr. Michael Gervais is another.

Maybe you’d like to learn with a community. Look for communities with the value of independent thinking at its’ core. One is the center for social leadership that Oliver’s involved with. Some of you wonderful readers might know them as masterminds. Some are loners who you only get to see through channels or in passing.

Are you willing to invest into yourself? Check out this breakdown of Elon Musk, or purchase appropriately from those mentioned. They all have free material, like Oliver Demille’s resources.

An opportunity to demonstrate your thinking skills can be seen in following Elon’s involvement in Flint, or any hero of yours for that matter. See this article and this article for some media examples. It’s like studying from history, except nobody knows the outcome. is another place to learn this great skill.

Would you add someone to this list? Feel free to share your recommendations below.

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