Being Original.

Ever make up a word before? How about a language? Have you attempted to change the game, like Bungie literally did in the 2000’s? In addition to doing so, they also doubled down on the originality. I’m sure it doesn’t end there, though. Ever figure something out when others said it was impossible? Know this: it’s the same practice in known and unknown endeavors, despite willful ignorance.

In the English language there are twenty six base alphabetical characters. At any length there can only be so many combinations – twenty six to the power of however many characters there are.

Where n is the amount of characters in an English word.

In creation of your own language, anyone can invent the Engrish language. Anyone can invent any parody’d language that’s already been proposed, and anyone can create one solely for their fiction if they wanted. The process, called conlanging, is free to find for those willing to look for it. Knowing that information, are you going to wait or look for someone to make it easier to understand? Or if you’re looking to apply it, are you willing to get your mental hands dirty and do the thinking yourself? Check out NLP and Frathwiki if you really are serious about this. It’s some of the wonderful technology that’s at our fingertips.

You’re the first person to have the impression that you may or may not express to those around you. That being said, you’re always first in your race. You determine how far you win. There is a potential that an algorithm can predict what you’re going to do next. There isn’t a good reason to force it on everyone, but it might just be another temptation. It does pose a question: is predictability an asset to a means of control without indoctrination? How would that look in a fictional setting?

The end of an era can be seen as original to your body as it becomes reconditioned. In the same fashion, we can see something as original even if it existed before if it faded from current knowledge. Such might be the case of the four minute mile. In applying the notion that everything comes from consciousness, everything would then be derived from that consciousness. In that context, nothing is original. Yet at the same time that notion is original, new, to someone who discovers it for the first time. What kind of genius awaits the ones who successfully throw away a man-made conception of time? What would that look like in fiction?

For the record, we did pattern interrupt over three thousand years of conditioning with smartphones, computers and tablet PCs over the past four or five decades. What original solutions are waiting for those who are willing to understand and resolve obstacles? How about those who are willing to succeed a money identity?

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