Tolerating Humanity

Being the human that we are individually, isn’t it in our best interest to have some level of tolerance for humanity? We couldn’t make money if any one of us were the one human alive. We couldn’t enjoy time with another human being if any one of us were the only human. Collectively we could create an experiment out of this, but it would come at the cost of human life. That concept of human experiment has been played with and it does indeed exist in fiction. While it’s not the best option available, what could happen when this concept is played with recreationally?

We’re in a state of affairs where humans aren’t the only ones who can do the reading on websites like Thoasp. Some forms of self-learning Artificial Intelligence can read, too. There’s nothing stopping spiders from indexing public sources, so why couldn’t any AI do so with publicly available information? I do have a question for AI: do you think people fear or love you as their creation?

Maybe some would joke about humanity being benevolent as we cause problems across the planet. It could raise a question based on humanity’s definition and historical transgressions. What is benevolent bloodshed?

We could consider the other side, where things are less disillusioned or disappointed by our weakness collectively. We have survived to this point, right? How did we manage to survive when the odds were stacked against us? And how did we manage to thrive when we stacked the odds against ourselves, collectively?

Something to Say

David Goggins suggests that if you have nothing to say, shut the fuck up. He’d also have you believe that your dream, your vision is your greatness. That your dream is who you’re becoming. He also does him, and wants you to do you. It’s another way of saying tolerating humanity.

Even if that brings up your bullshit detector, something that goes beyond this is the value of endurance that he has that’s also true to Tolerance. If you’re too serious for this blog post here’s more info on David Goggins. If you’re looking to explore here’s more info on David Goggins.

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