Distilling Questions

Has an insight led you to revelations with yourself? Have you considered how to create questions based on those insights? How about questions based on methods or experiences? In analyzing case studies and experiences of others – namely those who you choose to learn from – you might learn to distill questions from them.

Distilling isn’t just for the cool kids who make and distill principles, or those who distill oil in refineries. It isn’t reserved for those in chemist coats. Through concentration it can play a role in meditation and anyone looking to achieve flow states. It can also play a role in distilling questions from those we seek to learn from. Those questions in turn can help us re-frame the situation and learn from their example as well as create, and recreate, our own if we choose to.

Some common questions might include:

  • If I didn’t know the ending to the story, what would I have done next?
  • If I didn’t know the ending to the story; in their shoes, what would they do next?
  • Has someone else shared the same insight in a different way?

The first two questions can be seen and practiced with this string of tweets from Tom Bilyeu about his time at Quest Nutrition. If you’re not familiar, he’s one of the people behind its’ propulsion to over a billion dollar valuation. Would you like to stop anywhere between where you’re at and a billion dollars in valuation of your endeavors?

The third can be demonstrated by two people in these two instances here and here.

An example from the string of tweets is the following: “How can I deliver what my goals demand of me?”

For another example, here’s some insight on gratitude. I’ve heard that it’s great for mental adjustment.

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