…You have no right to remain as you are. What you say, do and fail to do can and will be used against you, with or without your expressed consent – written, verbal or otherwise recorded. The people and situations that you choose to involve yourself in will speak for you, even when you speak for yourself. The grace given by some to be as you are is observed by others who may or may not choose to gossip. Who’s to say, since you aren’t one of those who gossip?

The rest of this post is not written in second-person narrative.

Beyond Gossip

Do you have the gonads to challenge the one-sided perspective that unchecked first impressions and biases leave you with? If so, listen to this for two minutes.

If you are serious enough to listen to the whole thing, remember the bullshit excuses people tell themselves after you stop writing yourself off. You’ll have a far less opportunity to entertain them after you stop doing so. Is that a sacrifice you’re willing to make to get what you want?

One inevitable conversation everyone has with themselves on any big dream is fear. Here’s some info on the art of fear.

“Whatever the thing is that you’re scared of doing, you should do it because it expands who you are as a person.”
— Kristen Ulmer

What are you excited to do that also scares you?

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