Most of us have them, except the perfect people. Examples include lost opportunities, time wasted, relationships burned, paths not ventured, willful ignorance, doing what was the right thing at the time, and learning opportunities.

All mistakes, failures and regrets can be re-framed into learning opportunities. I’ll use myself as an example.

In starting I had the intention to start a blog. In linking it with the folks at Think: The Legacy, I chose to represent it as a business. Along the way, I said that I would not make any money from this blog. Since I haven’t created the business side of Thoasp yet, it looks hollow depending on how you find it.

I failed to create a business on in over a year. I regret not doing so earlier, knowing how easy it is to write a book. There are over fifty thousand words on this blog, proving how easy it is to create content from this position. Organized, content can be delivered in several different modalities, including a book format.

Here’s a three step process for learning from a mistake, regret or failure.

1. Acknowledge the failure or mistake.

2. Ask yourself, ‘what you would I have done better?’

3. Ensure that you do that next time, or compensate for it, now that you’re aware of the shortcoming.

Want to learn more about learning from failure? There’s a wonderful example in this interview with Tom Bilyeu. It starts at the USC film school for the skimmers.

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