Watering Mindsets

Technical difficulties. They happen. Thoasp.com experienced one on July 2nd – the infamous post scheduling problem. Like all obstacles it’s a learning process. Thankfully, the only thing affected is the time of the previous post and not 21 1/2 hours of downtime on an income stream, right? That’s definitely something that I choose to be grateful for. Since this obstacle is completely out of my control I offer no apologies. What I will do, however, is test the problem and find a solution.

So what does any of that have to do with watering a mindset? For starters, it’s an example of my own mindset in handling a situation. You may not have seen the initial reaction live but you do have that paragraph. And in that paragraph is an example that can parallel several insights from others with much more fruit on the tree.

Reframing: You can always choose to be grateful that it wasn’t a worse situation, whatever it is. You must be alive to express gratitude as a conscious human being.

Decision:  You can always choose to be grateful, or happy, or calm, or peaceful, or excited. Even if the situation makes you feel a different way.

I am unapologetic about the circumstance that was created. I will not burden a problem that I did not cause in this sense, but I will seek to mitigate it happening in the future.

Train, improve, exercise, develop your mindset(s) in order to water them. May your mindsets become like a beautiful garden. Maybe they’ll become part of your garden of fortune?

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