Cycling Out

In order to cycle out of a system we must admit that we’re in one. A matrix, when defined as a surrounding medium, may can lead us to then environments that helps us develop certain habits. When fully committed to learning a language, isn’t it good to immerse yourself in that language’s culture? After becoming immersed and learning the language, retention is bound to go down without use. An eroding habit cycles out of the habit and its’ utility, or lack thereof.

Coming full circle with a worthy habit after its’ erosion might look like an oscillating circle in a story arc. It might also look like the premise of almost every Metroid game’s core mechanics out there.

Cycling out is common in terms of habits – especially the self destructive ones, including addictions. If I can continue writing on a daily basis, can you continue marching one day at a time towards sobriety? If Tom Bilyeu and company can continue posting on Impact Theory on a weekly basis, can you commit to sobriety one week at a time?

Cycling out is also commonly the last thing that happens in the story after the story – the blank page, the black screen, the credit roll, the infomercial. People have been wondering how to get people to stop spending so much time playing games. Yet there are four things that millions and possibly billions of people know to mean certain things on certain mediums already. If we created the problem, maybe we already have the solution at our disposal? Besides quitting cold turkey, of course.

Potential Avenues

Try out some blue light blocking glasses like these, or a blue light filter, if you’re worried about blue light. At this point in time it’s a personal responsibility that isn’t being imposed upon many of us.

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