Narrative is older than any human alive today, and perhaps through thought, its’ existence transcends humanity’s existence. Older than humanity, who got the credit for defining storytelling?

Narration takes many different forms, and its’ abstraction is where many disciplines meet up in expressions alongside projects that produce revenue and those that don’t.

An exercise I learned from college is to mute the television on commercial breaks and try to understand what the message is without the audio. Another is to listen to solely the audio without the television playing. The latter, listening to audio, is more akin to subliminal messaging on actual television program breaks. Potentially 2 cent advertisements on Youtube are a different story, in comparison. Advertisements on two platforms – if they existed – ten years ago, might be totally different compared to today’s ads.

In this area we’ll explore subjects relating to narrative, including expressions such as Invictus. We’ll also explore the study of narrative, narratology; included in this study is the Living Handbook of Narratology, and of course, some marketing and fiction. There’s no reason why game theory couldn’t make an appearance in this area, either

Potential Avenues

Like other subjects discussed on Thoasp, this one has an infinite potential. Unlike other subjects, this one has power that reaches way beyond conditioned responses and into meaning itself. In a journey that you lead, where do you take those that follow your progression? What do you create?

Analyzing stories includes instructional content like this one. Here’s an ad you may not have seen if you’d like to practice the exercises I mentioned with something you’ll have a fresh pair of eyes with.


Antagonize | Training Wheels.

Result. | Experimental Narration

To Be Cause. | Climax. | The End of an Era. | Cycling Out

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