Definitions are abound for this word. In their extrapolations there are some conclusions that can be found that research on happiness is showing as well. As they stand alone, and in the partial view, there are ways to become lost in translation on the way to happiness.

I found myself asking myself the question, “Am I happy?” In response, I checked it out – there’s opportunity for reframing if you’re looking for that. Take for instance being happy with your life. “Am I happy with my life?” Reveals the esoteric, romanticized happiness. Put into context (3a), asking “Am I satisfied with my life?” Might make a little more sense.

Perhaps being happy, grateful and humble is another way of looking at it fortune (1)? It tends to roll off the tongue. Those with a burning desire might recognize a root in its’ obsession as well (4c).

Ever consider how to measure happiness? These guys are onto it.

I mentioned a question that I asked myself earlier – the answer is yes and no. Like anyone alive right now I can give my run of life more than this. Instead of being like the skeptics and the haters and projecting that onto others, I’m willing to take ownership and act on it. Are you happy?

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