Surrogate Empathy

While attending one of my local colleges I received the privilege of seeing a military veteran express himself about his tours. While I wasn’t there in his tours, myself and others could feel his sorrow and rawness. Through his experience that he chose to share, we the audience got to see things from a single perspective that fails to make it to Hollywood or Bollywood. This is despite those who would disagree with his experience, as if it’s invalid. Through him we got to see the place he chose to share with us. In doing so, we were given an opportunity to feel like we were there.

Playing Along

There’s nothing stopping us from playing along with video games as the industry grows. I think that we played along more when it wasn’t as realistic. We can play along with narratives the same way that we can play along with games, provided they have one as well. If you don’t play along with expression, where are you in the middle of the experience?

Surrogate Empathy

It’d probably be useful to know how to play along without the training wheels we call information products. From Chris Brady I learned to insert yourself into an event that happened in the past. Consider what the person would do next – without jumping to the end of the story. What I’ve discovered is that can be done with fiction or non fiction – anywhere there’s a narrative.

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