Do we as humans collectively have more faith in the truth, or an ideal? A behavioral analysis of the masses might reveal it. Things supposedly indicative of the truth could reveal it, if it doesn’t get jaded by our bias in study first.

Some definitions of the truth have been undermined by the language we’ve used to define it. The idea of something being a real fact, when reality is subjective, might question a universal truth. Consideration aside, we do have a choice about whom and where we want to stock our own faith.

In mental coercion are those that seek to influence the direction of another in their innocence without integrity. It’s great to believe, and I wish for you that you do not waste your faith on those who do not deserve it. Personally, for those I have no faith in, in documentation I trust.

Deserving Faith

Make an attempt to live ethically – to harm no one else. Honor your agreements, even if you don’t like them. Honor your word, it’s your law. If you screw up, own up. Or throw it all out and decide that you deserve to have faith in yourself. After all, you don’t need a reason to believe in yourself…Right?

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