Business owners, networkers, anyone with a bank account, everyone who uses the internet, publishers and many more must learn to write. Writing is a skill that has come before any discipline that was created in the past three thousand years for sure. Since that’s the case, it belongs in the toolbox of aspirants across the world – perhaps you as well.

Practicing writing could look like what I’m doing on Thoasp – write often, write intentionally. It might look like Nikita Gill in her prose with poetry, crossing multiple platforms and proving that you can promote on instagram, youtube and facebook with writing.

Studying writing might look like dissecting the people whose writing inspires you. Perhaps you’ll out produce the bad days. Seth Godin and Tom Bilyeu covered these in their interview together. Maybe it’s checking your ego at the door and learning intentionally about your language, like these guys are doing with English.

I’ve mentioned that it’s a meta skill to learn to write. Even when you can’t communicate the word to others, talking about the idea and then demonstrating it can help others understand before there’s a word for something. It can also help us see if there’s a word for it by running it by the greatest search engines – brains.

Potential Avenues

If you’re serious about fiction, a project in my queue might be good for you too. That is to see how classic fiction resonates with fiction that impacted us through the centuries. A common example of this is comparing work from Tolkien, JK Rowling or Stephen King along with Shakespeare’s comedy.

Writing non fiction or anything at all? Do you know the habits, skills and mindset that are required for that type of writing? Brendon Burchard has hopped styles through the books he’s shipped.

According to late Steve jobs, “real artists ship.” What can you do to act on your ideas – writing or not- on a regular basis?

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