Creativity and Mindset

Mindset might be infused with the habits and skills that individuals such as Jeffery Combs speak highly about. Creativity may still be mythical to some while it’s acted upon in a systemic manner to others. Playing with these two things may or may not reveal new insights to the creator of those insights. One thing’s for sure, though: by creating something, you create a tree under whose shade you cannot sit.

Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. – Greek Proverb

There are some who wish they documented their journey so that they could contribute it now that they’re successful. How would you like to demonstrate the power behind something like that?

The impression of your own creations will never be from an outside perspective. It’s exactly like it is to be surrounded by yourself – you will never know what that feels like. Personally, I don’t like my influence in others that I pick up on so I seek to improve. I don’t think I’ll ever like it. If you pay close enough attention to yourself, you can see the way your present habits affect those around you. It’s the same practice as that of checking out a car and then seeing that car everywhere afterwards.

Applying mindset to creativity might look like checking out an article like this one and accounting for word choice. Why? Nobody wants to attract a lawsuit by saying that they stole someone else’s art, but many want to apply the wisdom that unlocks creativity. On the subject, I learned from one of my three musical teachers that contemporaries in music can typically be traced back to classical.

As the creativity article mentioned, creativity is a process. If creativity is a process and reasoning has its’ place at the side of what came before it, what are the forms of expression assets to?

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