Documenting Experiments.

It beats just documenting experiences on social media. After all, all experiments are experiences, but not all experiences are experiments. The quality of our experiments depends on the quality of our endeavor. Whether your ambition is neutered – whether your dreams have a deadline or not. How would you like to compare your case studies of successes and failures with those who succeeded in the same period of time?

It’s pretty useful. Put your experiments to writing after the experience and you have an objective result that you can reflect on and compare against other raw, objective results. What isn’t objective is something that sounds like the following jaded example.

Thoasp is a bunch of stupid thought. All you see is the projections of one person – it’s not even that valuable. There’s NOTHING you can’t find in other places. I’m sure that guy’s just another know it all that’s not going anywhere with his life. I’ll bet you the only reason he’s staying here is because he’s miserable like the rest of us.

In your mission, should you choose to accept it, will come skeptics like the written jaded example above. Jaded views have their place and it doesn’t have to be in your mindset. Have you considered an experiment on your mindset?

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