In the wake of a billionaire’s endeavor to contribute to the world this might be considered a buzz word now. It’s certainly appearing differently in search engines after his endeavor began its’ live run. He would suggest that you think for yourself first and to decide on three questions. What do you want? What is true? Finally, what should you do to achieve what you want in light of what is true?

What are your principles? I consider them to be a logical form of values. Pretty useful. An example is the very real skill of bringing dreams into reality. Have a dream? Listen up.

Reverse engineer

Reverse engineering is not just an illegal form of stealing software. It’s also a way to work backwards from a seemingly impossible end or means. It’s behind some subconscious magic that I learned how to apply from Vishen Lakhiani. Ask yourself, ‘How did I get that dream of mine?’ Whatever dream it is, insert it there. Ask yourself before you go to bed. For the conscious level, work backwards from the goal – in writing. Ask the same question to yourself, if you’d like. There will be gaps. What there won’t be is a lack of a sense of clarity. I hold Tom Bilyeu in esteem and he suggests to reverse engineer your goals to find out what you can do to get there. Each of these methods can be seen as just that, but they’re tools to permit us to act on the idea of reverse engineering.

Hold your own pen.

Develop your own principles.

Ray Dalio

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