Discerning Value

Can you remember a time you wanted to kick yourself for not acting sooner on something you really enjoy? How about the difference between your opinion and the true value of that something – before hand? The same way that you can discern yourself from the events you’ve taken part in, you can discern an event or concept from a few opinions on the subject. You can extrapolate a center point from individuals experienced with a certain endeavor. The same way that you can distinguish yourself from common events with others, you can embrace and change despite another’s unwillingness to do so.

I almost named this ambition but that would’ve been a mistake. You may discern value from anything, including ambition, if you’re willing to observe it. The ability to discern value is the reason why raw information can prove to be valuable, despite any specific field. Have you ever seen a mechanical piece of art? How about a programming masterpiece? Ever see glass blown from a 3d printer? To my surprise it actually exists!

Unlike distilled methods, principles and raw information have their place and can be used interchangeably – since they’re principles, after all. Natural principles and laws may have their convergence as well – maybe beyond what we can perceive? We know everything is energy now, so what’s stopping us from using this in practice as the ending to the use of the other natural laws we’re aware of?

Regardless of exploration done moving up, we can always take a principled approach to the same methods. Three methods I find extremely useful can be found in this gentle opportunity. It’s not always available and I’m not interested in selling you on this blog. If you’re serious you’ll go for it.

Discerning value requires critical thinking skills. It can arguably become an asset for critical thinking as well. Applying intersectional innovation in ways that still appear impossible might let us continue to think of six impossible things before breakfast. Even when inundated with noise. And those impossible things might have value in them as well – who’s to say?

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