The humble service for one another can take so many different shapes. We can donate money to so many different areas, relief programs and projects to do the good where we physically aren’t. It’s a marvelous economy to take part in where everyone benefits in some way, shape or form. The very concept itself is cognizant of synergy!

Contribution doesn’t have to be limited to monetary commitments, though. We always  have the choice of volunteering our time, energy and resources to one another as well. Have you ever lent or given someone a great book? Ever pull a Lewis Howes and do employ your skills for someone – with no expectation of anything in return? Earlier I received this privilege from a good man, and I’m sharing here that part of the conversation to pay it forward.

Michael: “Where would a budding musician go to learn about common themes in music?”

Samuel: There are shortcuts and there are ways of emulating a cultural identity more authentically. The more you study the music of a particular culture or region the more able you are to assimilate the style. However, just copying the musical characteristics of a genre or culture that you are new to can come across as clumsy or cheesy. When it comes to emotion or mood, there are often many ways to capture the feeling that you want, and again, depending on someone’s cultural exposure to particular types of music, they will pick up different things from the same piece of music.”
Samuel: “There are often patterns and similarities in how different composers achieve a particular mood, and these can be learned by listening carefully to lots of music. The advice of others can also give insight beyond your own perceptions. There are no hard and fast rules though, as music can be so personal. The important thing is to try to create a mood that most people will respond to in the way that you intend them to. The more tools you have to achieve this, the better. Listen to the music you think is successful in this, identify what is common to those pieces and try to recreate those characteristics in your own compositions. And trust your instincts.” Full conversation

Can you tell that he’s skilled with music? You can find his site here and his work here.

Volunteering and giving freely of yourself is noted, and demonstrated, by several many icons. It’s also a great way to get your skills out there! Have you considered what you can contribute, both to others and to those in your employ?

Potential Avenues

Two things anyone can do to contribute: listen to one another and pay forward generosity.

Random Acts of Kindness, or abundance, are great when finances aren’t present yet.

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