Going Somewhere with Your Life

Internal victories. Everyone has them – the victories no one knows about. The ones that remind us that we’re making progress, even when it doesn’t look like it. Have you considered the consequences of making no progress in the wake of anticipated fear and panic? Like many other situations, mindset helps make the difference in that somewhere, and in the somewhere we collectively experience today – whichever day today is for you, dear reader.

The phrase is mostly subjective. Used in projection it’s typically a pitch for dogma. Another reason to be sold on lack and limitation. And if we choose to have our own direction, does it matter at all whether the dogma is correct or not?

We can make plenty of progress when sitting in a single box with no one else’s means. Have you ever wondered what made biomechanics work the way they do? How about developing your strength? Learning peace of mind? Learning focus? Sharpening your critical thinking skills? Becoming more flexible? Reflecting on your history? Developing a crystal clear plan for your future?

All of this and much more can be done without leaving the comfort of a single boxed environment. Even if we’re not in a boxed environment like a prison, there’s always the invisible box to beware wherever we go.

“Recently I visited Alcatraz Prison. Once it housed the most hardened of criminals. Today it is open to tourists under the direction of the United States Parks Department. Many men have tried to escape Alcatraz; no one is known to have succeeded. As I listened to the tour guide explain the impossibility of escape, I thought of other prisons equally confining but where the doors are never locked, no guards walk the halls, and escape is encouraged and possible. That prison is Habit.” – Robert Russel

Habit is much more dangerous to the doubt that this phrase suggests as others attempt to decide another’s progress, and learn trust in their failure. Would you like to paint a better picture? I would. How would it look for that same individuals to thrive beyond your imagination, in their own right?

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