Primary Contact

Not to be confused with a Prime Mover. Primary contact can be likened to the six degrees of separation. Primary contact is the closest means to modeling any individual – by directly interacting with them. A medium such as technology and any online platforms also stand between this, making them secondary contact. You can speak, hear and interact with one another, but there’s still no replacing real connection.

Where a primary contact is person to person and a secondary contact has one middle man, adding another layer such as a business entity might make this a tertiary contact. When digging deeper, we could consider that there’re several different technological surrogates that play a part in the communication process online. It makes that secondary contact on the surface out to be, in reality, a couple of hundred down the line in potential, as an example.

Primary contact is important for the subjects of influence as well as social contagion. When seeking to make a reaching difference and being a positive example, it helps to reach out and see the people you’re speaking with. Gary Vaynerchuk and Gerard Adams are both doing this in an excellent fashion with their audiences. I would think that it’s an example of community leadership.

The notion of filling a human need with human beings and creating mutual opportunities is lost on some. Still others choose to and do indeed recognize the value of doing so. I can think of three other people I’d like to mention on this blog post but none of them have personal brands that can be referenced past social media blankets. How would you like to position yourself to be an exception, as Darren Hardy would put it?

Prime Movers (video)

Gary Vaynerchuk

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