Pseudorobe – An artificial robe. The clothing we call robes could be considered, in actuality, pseudorobes. What would a natural robe look like anyway? Does the amount a word is questioned determine whether it’s changed to its’ truthful equivalent, as we’ve already collectively defined it?

To my surprise, if you search for pseudorobe, you might actually find a couple of examples of pseudorobes. That’s in addition to my mug as the top result at the time of writing. Searching for your twitter handle might bring up a few questions and observations. The first being that maybe facebook isn’t a complete invasion of privacy. The link from my facebook account isn’t even cached in Google’s search engines at this time, as it should be. Have you searched for your handles on search engines? What did you find if you did? Was it cause for concern? Can you respect the companies that held up their end of the bargain?

A part of sharing on the regular level is being open with your audience, yes? Is it correct to say that in a world where big business can be policed by the very people they aim to serve?

My example is a pretty lousy one for demonstrating high potential at the time of writing, but someone who is demonstrating that is Vishen Lakhiani. His word is Mindvalley. Here’s a demonstration. How do you pivot from meditation to education, anyway?

You don’t really need a new word, but it’s nice to have something original. It can give people an opportunity to learn something new – a pattern interrupt on the linguistic level. An inherent danger in embracing interrupts too much is the chaos that might bloom without a sense of order.

A disruption of disruption – a habit in a time of massive instant gratification. Wouldn’t it be the stuff of outliers, no matter how far the bar is dropped?

Vishen Lakhiani


A demonstration by Vishen

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