A Sensus Plenior Reality.

Seeing a vision through creates a meta reality. One that exists in contrast to the reality that was previously accepted as real and true. Over the course of the inevitable changes there are plenty of ways to explore, sensus plenior. One means of exploring the numerous meanings of reality is mindset. Another avenue, well documented, are the traditional philosophies. The notion that Tom Bilyeu put forth on Impact Theory in suggesting that neurochemistry is the game now is a notable avenue.

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Rigor, for example, is a necessity that’s been neglected in recent years. Even among some competitive sports people appear to be capable of much more than the standards in place. Some reminisce about the discipline from the mid 1980’s to this day, knowing how sullied people seem in comparison.

And the reality of some isn’t the reality of all. Some commitments can’t afford indolence while others may seek to thrive in it. What weight can a false reality bear before the illusion is shattered? What weight can a true reality bear before an illusion takes form?

In one reality of an experience a man may recognize a fault of their own. In another reality of the same experience, as it’s witnessed by another, they might be enjoying the same experience fully. If you can find enough perspectives from people who experienced a certain event, you might be able to recreate the event.

Potential Avenues

Are there events, realities, that you would like to recreate?

Achieving a goal creates a new reality for yourself. Set a goal and achieve it – you might notice that you’re shifting the way your goals demand, instead of the census of your surroundings.

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