Artful Thinking

The gateway to any action is thought. Without thought, there’s no action. With no action there can be no habit. With no action there is also no expression. No expression, no art. Or is there?

Following a tenet from the Foundation for Critical Thinking, some thought tendencies gone unchecked can lead to self-delusion. There’s also some research done on an emotional scale thanks to late David Hawkins. Playing with it and its’ observations, we can see that there’re disempowering emotional states that go below 200. Here’s the scale.

Credit: David Hawkins (source)

The function of the artist is to organize the facets of life according to his or her imagination. Romare Bearden

If you choose to honor reality in your imagination, who knows where the contributions you can make will end? If you choose to create or contribute to fantasy, who’s to say what your passionate expression could foster? An excerpt from the book, The Art of Thinking, demonstrates a danger in a purely sensus sollum pursuit of expression:

…I have seen an intelligent and even, at tunes, scintillating man deteriorate long before his time, because he used at first to save every brilliant thought coming to him, for a better occasion, and gradually resent even producing such thoughts, as the torpedo-fish may resent discharging his electricity in the conviction that it must exhaust him. His registering every intellectual operation he was conscious of interfered with them all till, in time, he was a mere wreck. Methodicalness pushed to an extreme is well known to produce similar effects, because it becomes a haunting phantasm. …
Source: Art of Thinking, Ernest Dimnet (1928). Chapter 5, paragraph 10.

Solution: Act on thoughts instead of waiting very long, if at all. Do something now to start momentum and create a deadline so it actually gets done. If this is the effect of mental clutter, what does that say about the effects of physical clutter – is it a compounded equivalent?

Constructive thinking helps us grow towards what is possible, destructive thinking shrinks the possible into impossible. It’s present in plenty of lens, like this one. Artful thinking becomes apparent in the things we do, since it’s ever-present in our actions. Thankfully, or maybe not so, this is more present than social contagion ever can be.

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