Intellectual Landscapes

What picture comes to mind? Can you express this picture somehow? How would you express the picture this creates for you, in five minutes, if someone offered you $100 on the spot to do so?

The fact that our brains create our realities is known to science already but not everyone might be using it to their advantage. It’s in Tom Bilyeu’s toolbox (1 minute). His demonstration goes beyond many limiting beliefs on the earth today.

Intellectual landscapes include the reality our brains create but is not limited to our real colored glasses. Obviously rose colored glasses are included in this along with the other mental faculties, in addition to perception.

The mental discipline of will that is to be applied firstly and mostly to yourself. It’s the stuff that unlocks ideas others may not be willing to see. One example is solving problems another believes is impossible.

Know that all the credentials in the world cannot overcome a limiting belief… for anyone. To distinguish this from dogma, know that there is a century old warning about the use of the will. Fill a need Seth Godin observed (5 minutes) combined with this and who’s to say what we can accomplish?

Fiction colored glasses could also be considered a part of this. Everything we perceive is a part of it, the intellect. Consider the possibility that there’s an intellect in our creator(s) including Nature itself. In the way that our machines emulate us, what about what we discover might be considered in an emulation of nature?

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