A common application for this word is seen in music study, where chords are inverted on one another in order to facilitate some differences that make for some interesting combinations. Another application is in the struggling arguments of two individuals, where one attempts to invert the argument against its’ initiator. The latter can be used to demonstrate the basic qualities behind a classic board game called Reversi, or Othello. Play here on the spot if you like to dive in.

A lesser known application of Inversion’s wisdom is the learning process in the video below.

Credit goes to Adam McClelland, Andy Keller and Parkour Generations.

The process is very useful for more than the discipline of Parkour. Innovations themselves can be seen as inversions of a root subject or two. Do you remember the last time you changed your direction in life? There’s an inversion on the life you’re living.

Potential Avenues

SPRC is a process that builds your ability to create on command – to discipline. Can you find it in your practices?

Invert a practice to mix it up, on the spot or planned in advance.

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