Otherwise known as focus. Books are meditations. Ever prepare a speech before? It’s meditation. You’re tuning into this blog – you pondering is also meditation. Since all of these things are considered meditation, wouldn’t it be useful to know what a right practice of meditation is? If you aren’t sold on it, know that Russel Simmons doesn’t do shit until he meditates. He has time for it – can you find the time for it?

Wouldn’t it be useful to know how to get to a high level of focus? On the subject there are some who cut through the bullshit and get it to you straight. This article on the subject reveals several opportunities. Can you spot a couple relevant to you?

Potential Avenues

Here’s a podcast on the subject. His website gives info – here’s a golden egg.

Ever experience this kind of flight before? I’m sure you have. Action is the only way to continue embracing it.

Can you learn something about the father of flow and his inspirators on his biography?

An Aspirant’s Toolbox

Steve Kotler


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