Being the Very Best.

…That no one ever was. It’s something that has been partially deprived for the Chinese, soon to be no longer the case. Jokes aside, how would you like to be the best that no one’s done? It’s part of this guy’s drive to serve people to his greatest capacities – for a third time. I’m pretty sure that the best have had to take some risks, and that they’ve also stumbled from time to time. Have you done so recently?

Part of the inspiration that I received yesterday was thanks to Jim Kwik’s appearance on another platform. In that appearance he shared a credible example of what separates the champions from the rest of us. It is that they are willing to push past the pain period. You can believe me or not, I’ll be sure to act on it regardless of your decision.

Potential Avenues

Ever experience runner’s high? It’s much more insightful than you may recognize at first.

What does your absolute best look like? If you can write it down on paper, chances are that you can succeed far past that. Does the 40% rule also apply to our projected goals? Why wouldn’t it?

An Aspirant’s Toolbox

Bo Eason

Jim Kwik

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