Using Your Imagination.

Sensus plenior: Latin sense of fuller meaning. A book I’ve never read, “Questions are the answers,” is commonly bought on Amazon with two books in my library: ‘The Magic of Thinking BIG’ and ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. This book that is not in my library is also a belief of the real slim shady Jim Kwik. He’s the only man on my radar other than Oliver Demille who put this idea out there. It’s so central to critical thinking that this impromptu post is invited by them.

Here are a couple of questions for the critical thinker.

What’s the idea behind this concept?

How can I use this to serve others and myself?

How can I use this information to serve two or more people?- Sonia Choquette

How can I best be of service?

What do the values say?- Tribal Leadership

If the value is great enough, does the price matter?- Jeffery Combs

How can I use this to pull me forward?

Oliver’s gone on record in saying that we should seek to learn from reading sensus plenior, as in with questions to answer before we pick up the book. In the magical sales funnels, those promises that you see on your way to a product are exactly what you could ask yourself. Another is the potential ways that it can be applied to your self directed education. They’re all examples of meditation, since meditation means to focus, despite the methodology that it’s associated with.

Here’s an example of drawing questions from text, specifically the paragraph above.

What questions can I ask myself before I begin reading this book?

What does this seller promise that I can expect to receive from this product or service?

How can I apply this subject to my personal education?


Oliver Demille

Jim Kwik


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